The Adopt-a-Lot Program at Forest-Llewellyn Cemetery gives residents the opportunity to participate in the restoration and preservation of a historic landmark in the City of Kirksville for generations to come, either individually, as a group or on behalf of an organization, agency or company.

According to cemetery records, there are over 3,600 burials in Forest-Llewellyn Cemetery, the oldest cemetery in the City of Kirksville. Graves in Forest-Llewellyn Cemetery date back to 1845 when plots and gravesites were first begun on that site. The majority of those buried in Forest-Llewellyn have no living relatives present in the community and many of the graves are unmarked, without a stone or marker. The community is encouraged to help maintain the majority of gravesites for the purpose of restoring the dignity of the deceased, to help give public recognition of her or his final resting place and to honor and preserve it as a historical landmark. Forest-Llewellyn Cemetery is a historical landmark to be treasured with yet much to do to discover, restore and preserve compelling personal and public history represented by each grave.

Adopt-a-Lot is a volunteer program to involve the community in the care and light maintenance of a lot or lots in the Forest-Llewellyn Cemetery in the City of Kirksville. The adoption of one of these lots would enable you to be part of the cemetery‚Äôs restoration and preservation.

Adopt-A-Lot Guidelines & Form