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Kirksville Fire Department        



Location and Staff Listing

401 N. Franklin St.
Kirksville, MO 63501  
Phone: (660) 665-3734 
Fax: (660) 627-7011

Tom Collins, Fire Chief/EMD 

Jon Cook, Deputy Chief

Teresa Attebery, Administrative Assistant

General Information

Additional Staff Listing

                       PRACTICE FIRE SAFETY!


Mission Statement:

The Kirksville Fire Department is organized to provide for life and property safety from the threat of fires, natural or man-made disasters, and medical emergencies. This will be accomplished through planning, prevention, education, incident mitigation and appropriate application of technology and safety practices.

The capacities of this organization include the ability to:

  1. Produce the non-emergency services that provide for:
    • Code and fire inspections for various structures and target properties; and
    • Pre-incident analysis on various structures and target hazards; and
    • Public education programs for our school systems grades k-12, Truman State University, seniors groups, service clubs and other community groups; and
    • Training to maintain and improve service skills based on current and anticipated organizational goals and objectives
  2. Deliver emergency services that:
    • Provide for fire suppression operations at residential, commercial, and industrial facilities; and
    • Provide for emergency medical services at the BLS Level; and
    • Provide for response to confined space, water, and high angle rescue; and
    • Perform vehicle accident extrication response; and
    • Respond to hazardous material incidents to provide mitigation, control and recovery operations; and
    • Perform other response services as capable or not specifically listed above.

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If you have questions or would like to request information please contact the Kirksville Fire Department at (660) 665-3734.

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