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Animal Violations

The owners of animals are required to adhere to certain requirements as outlined in the City of Kirksville Code of Ordinances.  The  Police Department has an Animal Control Officer who is the primary enforcement officer for our main violation complaints: Licensing of Animals, Animals Running at Large, Public Nuisance Animal, Vicious Animals, and Dangerous and Restricted Animals.  The specific code for enforcement of these violations is: 

Sec. 5-3 (of the City Ordinances) Licensing

Sec. 5-8 (of the City Ordinances) Animals Running at Large

Sec. 5-9 (of the City Ordinances) Public Nuisance Animal  

Sec. 5-10 (of the City Ordinances) Vicious Animals

Sec. 5-19 (of the City Ordinances) Dangerous and Restricted Animals

Sec. 5-18 (of the City Ordinances) Enforcement

Key Animal Violation Links:

If you note violations of any of these ordinances in your neighborhood, please call the Central Dispatch at 660-665-5621 and report your concerns, or complete a Citizen Service Request. It will be investigated, and if verified, we will take steps to bring the owner into compliance. 

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