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A sign permit is required when any party wishes to place or change an advertising sign either on the building or in the yard of their business. The Code Enforcement Director is available to help you navigate our City Sign Code to establish what is allowed within your zone.

Sign Permit Application

What is the process for obtaining a Sign Permit?

  • First, you must submit a mock-up sketch/drawing of the proposed sign to the Code Enforcement Director that must include:
    • Length, width & height of the proposed sign
    • Proposed sign verbage
    • Where will it be mounted: on an exterior wall, on a pole, or independent structure
    • Dimensions of mounting structure
    • Address of the property where the sign is to be placed
    • Is this property commercial, single family, or multi-family
    • Owner’s name and address
    • Contractor installing the sign: name and address (Remember, it is required that your contractor be licensed appropriately with the City of Kirksville for the type of work they are completing.)
    • Total cost of project including labor & materials
  • The Code Enforcement Director must sign off on your mock up to verify it adheres to the City Sign Code before you can obtain your permit.
  • Once approval has been obtained, Codes & Planning can proceed with your permit.

In addition to regular sign permits, there is also a permit for temporary signs. It is recommended to refer to the City Code for full details or contact Code Enforcement Director for details at 660.627.1272.

City Sign Code

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