Building Permit Cost

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New Construction
Permit based on cost of construction including labor & materials in accordance with the ICC National Average Calculations
 - permit good for 6 months $8.50 minimum fee plus $4.25 per $1,000 of construction
Temporary Construction Water - permit good for 9 months $75  (additional 6 months construction water -- $100)
Water Tap Fee $200 per tap
Sewer Tap Fee $100 per tap
Storm Water Development Charge $.06 per square foot of covered ground (see attachment for more details)
Water Meters  
5/8" Badger M25 or LP with Orion Transmitter $183.35 w/tax
Full 3/4" Badger M35 with Orion Transmitter $215.70 w/tax
1" Badger M55 or M70 with Orion Transmitter $280.41 w/tax
1 1/2 " Badger M120 with Orion Transmitter $496.11 w/tax
2" Badger M170 with Orion Transmitter $647.10 w/tax
Meter sizes larger than 2" are special orders and need to be ordered through the Finance Department.  The customer will be charged a $25.00 freight charge for the meter. Allow at least 15 Working days for delivery