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Kirksville Regional Economic Development, Incorporated (K-REDI) has been working to bring more business opportunities to our area since 2003. K-REDI works to provide family supporting jobs to the Kirksville region within the industry clusters that include agriculture, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and technology.  Executive Director, Carolyn Chrisman, can answer questions regarding Kirksville’s workforce, the local and state incentives available, and potential locations. Use the contact information below to get connected with K-REDI today and start finding out all the great things that Kirksville has to offer for your company.


Kirksville Regional Economic Development Inc.
Carolyn Chrisman
Executive Director

The City of Kirksville is also available to help coordinate your needs. While K-REDI is your main contact for Industrial Development, when it comes to zoning, licensing, permitting, certain incentive programs, etc. the City is here to assist you! Carolyn Chrisman and Ashley Young, Assistant City Manager, work closely together to do everything in our organizations’ joint capacities to ensure your company gets needed support and assistance. You are welcome to contact Ashley Young directly, or if you are already working with Carolyn Chrisman, she is always agreeable to help initiate contact.

One of K-REDI’s main focuses is to help answer your questions about all the local and state incentive programs available, but for a quick glimpse of our City incentives, visit our Economic Development Incentives webpage.

Proceed with Step 2 to become more familiar with City paperwork and requirements. We have provided a quick step-by-step guide to give you a better understanding of the things the City of Kirksville requires and hope it can be a useful as a quick reference! For general questions regarding Economic Development contact, Ashley W. Young, Assistant City Manager.

Economic Development Department
Ashley Young
Assistant City Manager

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