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First things first, check your zoning!

Whether it’s an existing location or a potential new property, it is important to know your zoning before completing any other steps of this process. The City of Kirksville is divided into distinct zoning districts that reflect the diversity of business and neighborhood uses. Each zoning district has different regulations about the types of business activities that are permitted.

It is important that you check the zoning requirement of your proposed business location carefully. It is critical that you:

  • DO NOT enter into any financial commitments (i.e. sign a lease) unless you are certain that you are in proper zoning district that allows the proposed business activity
  • DO NOT assume the previous owner’s zoning designation applies
  • DO NOT proceed with business license paperwork. If you are not zoned properly, it will result in a denied application.


To check your zoning, visit our Zoning Page. For in depth zoning information beyond what's provided, contact the Codes and Planning Department at 660.627.1272 or visit the second floor of City Hall.

If your zoning is not correct, and you want to apply for consideration of rezoning, visit the rezoning link below.  This webpage explains the rezoning process through our Codes & Planning Department before you proceed to the next step.

How to Apply for Rezoning

If your zoning is correct, then proceed to the next step 3: completing your business license application.

What do I do if my lot needs split?

Step 3 > Permits