If you have selected a business location that does not require any remodeling or building, you won’t need to worry about this step and can move forward to Step 4, Getting a Business License.

However, in most circumstances, there is remodeling or new construction required to make your location the perfect fit for your business. If this is the case, you will want to contact Codes & Planning to obtain the correct building permits and necessary inspections. Keep in mind, if you are a pre-existing business or corporation that is not currently licensed with the City of Kirksville, you will be required to submit your business license paperwork before a permit can be issued. Your business license paperwork will then be held until all final inspections and approvals can be acquired.

Permits are required for new building construction, renovations, the installation of heating and cooling systems, as well as, any plumbing or electrical work. If construction is necessary, a building permit is a must. Building permits ensure that the project you are constructing meets the minimum criteria of the Kirksville Building Code. There are multiple types of permits, click on the permit to read more information:

Step 4 > License