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The City of Kirksville Finance Department issues business licenses and regulates the business activities of industries such as: retail, food and liquor establishments, entertainment venues and theaters, service for hire, manufacturing facilities, and motor vehicle repair shops. The best point of reference regarding this process is the Business License Clerk, who can be reached at 660.627.1251.

Before contacting the Business License Clerk for the application, make sure you check your zoning. A business license will be denied if zoning requirements are not met. Refer back to step 2 for help determining your zone.

Once you’ve double checked that you are properly zoned or have completed the proper process to be rezoned, you are ready to apply for your business license. Use the below link for detailed instructions.

Applying for a Business License

Once you’ve turned in your business license application, the City will start the approval process. Codes & Planning, Fire, and for some the Adair County Health Department will have to sign off on your application stating that you are zoned properly, and also complete an inspection of your location to ensure there are no code violations that present safety concerns, that handicap accessibility regulations are followed, etc. Codes & Planning will call you to schedule this inspection to ensure all inspectors, including the Health Department if required, can be present at the same time. This way you won’t have to deal with multiple inspections from multiple City & County departments. The Health Department only has to inspect in certain circumstances regarding food service related businesses.

ATTENTION CONTRACTORS: The City of Kirksville requires Contractors to pass comprehensive testing before they can be approved to be a general contractor, electrician and/or plumber with in the City of Kirksville. There are options available to waive out of testing. For more information regarding contractors testing requirements and waivers please visit Codes & Planning's contractor testing requirements webpage.

After your application clears all department approvals, it will be sent back to Finance for their final approval and processing.  Once Finance receives your application, your official business license can take up to two weeks to receive in the mail. Although you won’t receive your paperwork, you are cleared to open up for business.

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