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EVERY APPLICATION requires a one-time $25 processing fee.

For help with licensing fees we have created the below reference sheet to make the fees easier to understand. The official fees are listed in the Municipal Code.

View the Licensing Fee Reference Sheet

*If there is ever a discrepancy between this chart and the Municipal Code, the Municipal Code will always be the official rate used by the City of Kirksville.

Additional Notes to help clarify questions you may have:

    • If your retail business is in Adair County, an Adair County merchant license must be purchased for $25 annually.
    • If your retail business is in Kirksville City Limits, you must purchase an Adair Country merchant license ($25 annually) AND pay the $25 retail license fee annually. Retail businesses are also required to report and pay quarterly gross receipts fee. Forms are mailed quarterly to applicable businesses.
    • Two or more retail licenses required on one premises, can combine all gross receipts from all such retail transactions for computing the gross receipts fee thereon.
    • An additional retail license is required on one or more separate premises, they may combine all gross receipts from all such retail transactions from all premises for computing the gross receipts fee thereon.
    • Unless provided, every person engaged in business excluding not-for-profit corporations, on which the gross receipts fee shall be assessed, shall pay fifty cents ($.50) per one thousand dollars on gross receipts exceeding thirty thousand dollars (30,000).
    • If the gross receipts fee shall be assessed, then the business must submit quarterly reports to city clerk; due Jan 30, Apr 30, Jul 30, Oct 30.
    • Gross receipts are imposed on all business within the city engaged in the business of selling tangible personal property or rendering taxable services at retail or wholesale.
    • Plumbers
    • Electricians
    • Building contractors
    • $40 fee for each of the above specific trades
  • ATTENTION CONTRACTORS: The City of Kirksville requires Contractors to pass comprehensive testing before they can be approved to be a general contactor, electrician and/or plumber with in the City of Kirksville. If tests are failed, there are additional testing fees. There are options available to waive out of testing. For more information, please visit our webpage regarding Contractors Testing Requirement.
  • The City of Kirksville does not refund business license fees for any reason.
  • Using the City brush site for business operations = annual fee of $500 in conjunction with the application for renewal or new annual license.