How to Apply for Rezoning

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There are two options when attempting to get a rezone. The most common option is to rezone the property, which can be done by completing a rezoning application to the Codes and Planning Department.

Rezoning Application

After completing the rezoning application, the following steps must be completed in this order:

  • A meeting should be scheduled between the Codes Enforcement Director, City Planner, and the applicant.
    • During this meeting, the Plan Review Team will provide the applicant with specific details regarding the process, including the hiring of an abstract company.
  • The hired abstract company will obtain a legal description of the land and notify by certified mail all adjacent landowners regarding the time and place of the rezoning hearing. The abstract company will also provide signed documentation verifying all adjacent landowners within 185 feet of proposed land to be rezoned.
  • The City Planner will publish an intent to rezone at least 15 days prior to the public hearing in a “generally circulated” newspaper. The notice will obtain:
    • Legal description of land
    • Time and place of the Planning and Zoning Commission Public Hearing
    • The proposed zoning classification
  • The rezoning applicant and the City Planner will work together to present the case for rezoning to the Planning and Zoning Commission in a public hearing.

Rezoning is not always the best option for your property. If this is the case, then the City usually recommends a Special Use Permit. This permit allows for special use of the particular property under strict circumstances.

Special Use Permit Application