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11/17/2022 - Airport Planning RFQ 2022

The City of Kirksville, Missouri is hereby soliciting statements of qualifications and experience from qualified consultants for airfield planning projects at Kirksville Regional Airport. The selected consultant will provide services for the next 5 years. Projects may be subject to future receipt of Federal funding under the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airport Improvement Program, as administered by the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) through the State Block Grant Program (SBGP). 

The projects may include the following: 
1. Development of an Airport Layout Plan (ALP) and Narrative or Master Plan. Estimated cost $300,000 
2. Preparation of a Certificate of Title, including an Exhibit “A” Property Map. Estimated cost $30,000 
3. Environmental assessment. Estimated cost $100,000 

The required services include but are not limited to, aviation demand forecasting, environmental resource overview, AGIS survey, financial and implementation plan, pavement management program, SMS, etc., depending on the services anticipated for the listed projects. The consultant should provide the name(s) of the preferred firm(s) for any work which is likely to be sub-consulted. Sub-consultant changes can occur with Sponsor approval. At the Sponsor’s discretion, this selection can be retained for projects initiated within five years or until all projects are complete. Projects other than those listed above will require a new solicitation except as allowed in FAA Advisory Circular 150/5100-14 paragraph 2.7.2 (4). Disclosure: Under a previous agreement, assisted the Sponsor with the preparation of their CIP. 

A qualification-based selection process conforming to FAA Advisory Circular 150/5100-14 will be utilized to select the most qualified firm. Selection criteria will include: 
Recent experience in airport projects 
Capability to perform all aspects of project 
Ability to meet schedules within budget 
Knowledge of FAA/MoDOT regulations, ,policies and procedures 
Quality of previous airport projects undertaken 
Personnel experience and qualifications 
Familiarity with, and proximity to the project 
An implemented Affirmative Action Program 

Fees will be negotiated for projects as federal funds become available. Consultants shall not include fee or cost information when responding to this solicitation. Prospective consultants are advised that applied overhead rates must be in accordance with the cost principles established within Federal Regulation 48 CFR Part 31, Contract Cost Principles and Procedures. After selection, the successful firm will be required to submit a copy of its current overhead rate audit certification or MoDOT pre-qualification.

The agreement(s) between the Sponsor and the selected consultant will be subject to all applicable Federal Rules and Regulations as identified in AC 150/5100-14E. The most current version of the Federal Contract Provisions for A/E agreements will be included in each agreement. 

Airport consultants should submit three copies of their statement of qualifications and experience along with references to the City of Kirksville by 3:00 PM central standard time, Thursday, November 17, 2022.  

Qualifications shall be delivered by mail or hand-delivered to the following address, City Clerk, 201 South Franklin Street, Kirksville, Missouri 63501.  The package containing the qualifications shall be plainly marked “Request for Qualification for Airport Planning.” The consultant should also provide an affidavit of compliance with the federal work authorization program and a copy of the firm’s E-Verify Memorandum of Understanding. 

Questions regarding this solicitation can be directed to Glenn Balliew at 660-627-1291 or 

The City of Kirksville does not discriminate in its decisions on the basis of age, ancestry, color, disability, gender, gender identity, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, or on any other basis that would be in violation of any applicable federal, state, or local law. 

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