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Structure of the Department

The Department is commanded by the Chief of Police, who is responsible for the administration of the department and the management of its mission. The Chief is also responsible for the overall guidance and direction of the Police Department's various divisions.

The Deputy Chief is the next ranking officer who is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the department's patrol functions. The Patrol Division has four shifts. Each shift is commanded by a Sergeant with a Master Police Officer assisting, and is made up of 5 patrol officers. These shifts are charged with responding to calls for service, investigating crimes, apprehension of criminals, crime prevention, traffic enforcement and investigation, as well as other services.

The Deputy Chief is assisted by the Administrative Lieutenant, who is responsible for processing all event reports that are made by department officers. The Administrative Lieutenant is also responsible for all internal affairs, including investigations.

The School Resource Officer works out of the Patrol Division and is assigned to the Kirksville community schools. The S.R.O., as they are known, maintains an office in the high school and works closely with the public school system. The S.R.O. maintains a watch over the school's grounds and assists in teaching the children about various safety issues and the importance of making good decisions in every part of their lives.

The Investigations Division is staffed by three full-time Detectives who are responsible for helping solve more serious crimes in the community. They have specialized training in forensic investigations, evidence collection and processing, covert activities, interrogations including C.V.S.A. (Truth Verification), and a host of other skills. One Detective is dedicated to working Computer Crimes; he works closely with the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and this position, as well as the equipment, is grant funded. 

No department would be able to operate without those behind the scenes who assist in the day-to-day functions and operations. The Department employs a full-time Administrative Assistant who greets the public and takes care of just about every type of paperwork that is generated. The Department also employs a full-time Records and Evidence Custodian who maintains all of the department's reports and records.