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Citizen Boards
Affordable Housing Board Kirksville Housing Authority Board
Airport and Transportation Commission Lakes, Parks and Recreation Commission
Board of Adjustment Planning and Zoning Commission
Friends of Forest-Llewellyn Cemetery Committee Tax Increment Financing Commission
Kirksville Historic Preservation Commission Watershed Management Commission

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Affordable Housing Board   

The Board shall serve as a citizens advisory group for affordable housing related Community Development applications to the State CDBG program. The Board shall be responsible for the decision making as to the method used in rehabilitating property.
Human Rights

Meets: On Call 
Term: 3 Years 

Karla Dwyer  
David Jacobs 
Patti Preston 
Sue Robinson 
John Gardner, Council Representative 

Ashley Young, Staff Representative
Sarah Halstead, Staff Representative

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Airport and Transportation Commission

The Commission shall recommend policies, rules, legislative initiatives and other actions which will enhance the aviation, rail, highway, local street, public transportation, traffic control and other transportation resources, facilities, systems and networks which serve the Kirksville area. 

Meets: Second Tuesday of the month at 12:00 pm 
Term: 3 Years 

Pete Detweiler
Thomas Goad
Richard Gooch
Harold Osborn
Dick Roberts
Jeff Romine
Brian Snyder
Randy Smith
Jennifer Walston, Council Representative

Glenn Balliew, Staff Representative

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Board of Adjustment  

To hear and decide appeals where it is alleged there is error in any order, requirement, decision or determination made by an administrative official in the enforcement of the zoning ordinance. 

Meets: On Call 
Term: 5 Years 

Bob Ehrlich 
Jim Baumgartner
Andy Grimm
David Rouner
Angie Sullivan

Reid Yardley, Staff Representative 

Loren Wright
Kaylee Morgenstern

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Friends of Forest-Llewellyn Cemetery Committee

To assist in the restoration and preservation of Forest-Llewellyn Cemetery.  To prioritize renovations, establish long-range maintenance plans to repair broken monuments, damaged statuary and collapsed tombs; replace dead trees; and renovate the entryway into the Cemetery.

Meets:  On Call
Term:   No Term

Dwight Buckingham, Chair
Betty McLane-Iles
Jason Haxton
Blytha Ellis
John Buckwalter
Myra Shoop
Vickie Brumbaugh
Brandon Stewart

Ashley Young, Staff Representative

View Agendas & Minutes of the Friends of Forest-Llewellyn Cemetery Committee.

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Kirksville Historic Preservation Commission

The Commission shall recommend policies and ordinance changes to the Planning and Zoning Commission that affect Landmarks or Historic Districts in the City of Kirksville. The Commission approves construction plans, changes, or modifications to landmarks or historic structures that may be individual properties or parts of a historic district. The Commission approves and forwards recommendations to the Planning and Zoning Commission on the nomination of new Landmarks or Historic Districts. 

Meets: Quarterly, First Wednesday of the month at 4:00 pm 
Term: 3 years 

Bob Giovannini, Chair
Bill Castles 
Dale VanSickle
Robert Clement
Autumn Eagleshield
Betty McLane-Iles, Planning & Zoning Representative
Zac Burden, City Council Representative

Mary Turner, Staff Representative

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Kirksville Housing Authority Board  

To build and operate low income housing, issue bonds, borrow money and accept grants from the federal government.

Meets: Third Wednesday of the month at 7:30 am 
Term: 4 Years 

John Gillum, Chair
Pam Windtberg 
Jenn Vaughn 
Angie Sullivan
Ex officio: Martina Mudd 

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Lakes, Parks and Recreation Commission

To recommend to the City Council policies, rules, legislative initiatives, development plans, programs and other actions which serve to preserve and protect Kirksville’s lakes, park lands and open space conservation areas; which enhance active and passive recreational activities for the residents of Kirksville; which maintain public safety; and which provide for long-range planning for future uses and community needs regarding lakes, parks, open spaces and recreational facilities and programs in and around Kirksville. This shall include review and approval of city policies and ordinances concerning lake and park use; review of capital improvement projects proposed for lakes, park lands and recreation facilities on policy issues concerning lakes, parks and recreation as may be requested by the City Council or staff. 

Meets: First Tuesday of the month at 12:00 pm 
Term: 3 Years 

Tony Vazzana 
Yvette Amerman
Dr. Carolyn Cox 
Hank Janssen, KBSA Representative
Jessica Parks, City Council Representative
Ralph Cupelli, Rotary Club Representative
Dan Green
Pam Barnett
Scott Meredith
Jerry Jones

Rodney Sadler, Staff Representative

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Planning and Zoning Commission

Prepares a comprehensive plan showing recommendations for zoning, restrictions, regulations and questions regarding the location of trades and industries, the location of buildings designed for specified uses. The Commission may hold public hearings as required and report findings and recommendations to the City Council. 

Minutes of the Planning and Zoning Commission 

Meets: Second Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm
Term: 4 Years 

Betty McLane-Iles, Chair
Dan Martin, Vice Chair
Chuck Heckert
Patricia Sexton
Jeremy Hopkins
Kelsey Aurand de Razo
Rick Kaiser
Jason Chrisman
Rick Steele, Council Representative

Mary Turner, Staff Representative 

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Tax Increment Financing Commission 

The Commission is required by the Real Property Tax Increment Allocation Redevelopment Act. They authorize the transaction of business and the exercising of powers provided by the Act prior to the adoption of an ordinance approving the designation of a redevelopment area, plan or project under the Act.

Meets: On Call 
Term: 4 Years

City Appointed Voting Members:
Tony Fajkus, Chair
Don Crosby, Vice Chair
Bill Castles
Robert Ehrlich
Daniel Joyner
Lacy King

County Representatives:
William King
Mark Shahan

Other Taxing Districts Representative:
Adair County Library

School District Representatives: 
Robert Webb
Adam Moore

Ashley Young, Staff Representative

View TIF Agendas & Minutes.

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Watershed Management Commission

Meets: Third Thursday of the month at 5:30 pm
Term: Staggered Terms; Three years after expiration 

To make recommendations concerning the implementation of the goals of the Watershed Management plans for Hazel Creek and Forest Lake. To serve as a liaison between the community and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to insure that the Watershed Management plans are in compliance with DNR. To also serve as liaison between the community and the Missouri Department of Conservation to insure compatibility with conservation practices and resource uses.

Voting Members:
Rev Dale Stone, Community Citizen
Greg Miller, Community Citizen
Jeff VanSickle, Community Citizen
Carol Baiotto, Land Owner
Martin Jayne, Land Owner
Jim Novinger, Land Owner
Lori Shook, Community Citizen
Len Kollars, City Engineer

Ex Officio Members: 
Hank Janssen, City LPRC Representative
Jim LeBaron, Adair County Health Department
Jacqueline Troxell, Natural Resources Conservation Service 
Tim Cuculich, Adair County Health Department
Robert Broz, University of Missouri Extension
Daniel Loken, Missouri Department of Conservation
Rich Morrow, Missouri Department of Natural Resources
Mari Macomber, City Manager

Staff Representatives:
Russell Pruett, Water Superintendent
Tim Reed, Wastewater Superintendent

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