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Plans & Studies

Below is a list of plans and studies approved by the City Council and intended to guide future infrastructure investment and redevelopment within the City of Kirksville.  The documents below are listed in descending chronological order with the most recent plans and studies located at the top of the list.  These documents are available for public information only.

2019 SHPO Phase I Historic Survey

Kirksville Park Plans (2018/2019)

Kirksville-Adair 2013 Community Strategic Plan

Kirksville Comprehensive Plan:

Think 2040 Comprehensive Plan (2020)

Downtown Plans:
Downtown Revitalization & Economic Assistance for Missouri Plan (DREAM) (2013)
Cultural Resource Survey Plan (2011)
Architectural/Historical Survey of Downtown Kirksville, Missouri (2010)

Kirksville Downtown Design Guidelines (2004)
Downtown Improvement Plan (1999)