Facade Assistance Program

The Facade Assistance Program (Program) is intended to provide an incentive for property owners to rehabilitate, reuse, or enhance commercial buildings in the City. The Program is focused on providing financial assistance for façade (exterior) improvements to commercial buildings. The long-term goal of the Program is to create an environment that will continue to attract new investors, businesses, and residents to the City.

Program Objectives

  • To provide financial assistance to property owners in overcoming the barriers associated with the rehabilitation of older buildings;
  • To preserve and maintain viable older buildings; and
  • To promote and encourage growth and expansion of commercial activity.

This program is funded at $15,000 annually, with the goal that the City will loan up to two loans per year at $7,500 each for the restoration or renovation of building facades, which may include tuck-pointing and windows. These monies are a part of the City’s Revolving Loan Fund, so an application requires KIDA and MoDED notification and approval. These loans are made at an interest rate 1/3 of prime and the recipient is charged the recording fees.

Application and Eligibility Criteria