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Register for City Utilities

The City of Kirksville offers utility services for water, sewer, stormwater, and residential trash and recycling collections. The Finance Department provides utility customer support, service connection/disconnection, billing, and payment processing. There are two ways to obtain utility service: either in person at City Hall Finance Department located at 201 S. Franklin Street; or online by filling out the form below.  

A security deposit is required at the time of application for service along with required documentation.    

The following deposits are required:

Residential Property Owner - $80.00
Residential Tenant - $180.00
Commercial - Based on type of business and historical usage

Deposits are not transferable from one customer to another.  

Service requests can be made 30-days in advance of requested start date.  Service appointments are offered Monday-Friday 8:00 am -3:15 pm, excluding holidays.  If applying in person, a request for service requires a minimum of  one day notice.  If applying on-line, please allow seven working days to complete the application process and schedule your connection appointment.  A service technician will meet you at your scheduled appointment time.  You must be present at the service address.   

For questions, call 660.627-1251 or visit Utility Billing Information

Online Utility Registration 

PLEASE ALLOW ONE WEEK TO PROCESS YOUR REQUEST FOR SERVICE WHEN SIGNING UP ONLINE. It's easy to sign up for water/sewer service; simply fill out the form below, or contact the Finance Department at 660-627-1251 for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: A security deposit is REQUIRED AT THE TIME OF APPLICATION. If you are not prepared to pay your deposit now, you must wait to fill out form.

A residential property owner's deposit is $80. A residential renter's deposit is $180. A commercial deposit is base on business type and historical usage. Please contact the Finance Department at 660-627-1251 for more information.

An appointment is required to connect service. You may request a date on the form below. We will check availability of that date and contact you as soon as possible. Please allow at least seven day's notice prior to the date of needing service. Filling out this form DOES NOT guarantee an appointment. The Finance Department will contact you to confirm your appointment date and time.

Registration Form