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New Construction Permit

A building permit is required whenever a party wishes to build a new structure, add to an existing structure, build a deck, and/or place another pre-built structure such as a shed or mobile home within city limits.

New Commercial Permit Application

New Single Family/Duplex Permit Application

What is required to obtain a building permit?

  • Basic requirements for all permits
    • Address of the location for the new building, addition or structure to be placed
    • Is this property commercial, single family, or multi-family?
    • Type of work: new building, structure placement, new deck, etc.
    • Owner’s name and address
    • Contractor’s name and address
    • Total cost of project including labor & materials (Keep in mind if this is a new build, we will calculate this off a national average)
  • New building or structures - additional required information
    • The use of the building
    • The size and height of the building
    • The number of dwelling units in the proposed structure
    • Square footage of the structure
    • A site plan including:
      • the structure, and distance to all lot lines and direction of lot drainage
      • Dimensions of any parking, sidewalks, or concrete covered ground.
      • Layout of proposed building site, with measurements
      • Setbacks from all property lines
      • Topographical data necessary to indicate storm water runoff in respect to building elevation and neighboring properties. Verification of property by either new or existing property survey
    • A signed and sealed set of engineering/architectural plans with the plot plan are required for the following:
      • projects of a public use nature (stores, gas stations, offices, etc.)
      • projects involving three or more units
      • projects that involve over 2,000 square feet (in cases of commercial structures)
  • New deck - additional required information
    • Will this be a replacement of an existing deck or new build?
    • Will there be a roof?
    • A site plan that includes:
      • Dimensions of the structure
      • Distances to property lines
  • Mobile home placement permit - additional required information
    • An application must be completed by applicant and must be signed by the trailer court owner.
    • Once the application is received, Codes & Planning will have the information needed to issue a permit.
    • Keep in mind the company/individuals moving the mobile home must be licensed by the City to transport the mobile home. We cannot process an application if the contractor listed is not correctly licensed.
    • Caution: Companies/individuals setting mobile homes for hire are required to be licensed by the state; however, you are allowed to set your own mobile home without license.

What is the cost of a building permit?