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Remodeling Permit

A remodeling permit is required when any party alters or repairs any structure or portion of that structure other than ordinary repairs. Also included within remodeling permits section are gas and electrical permits that are required by utility companies before they can reconnect customers.  The State of Missouri requires an asbestos inspection to be conducted by a licensed asbestos inspector prior to remodeling of an commercial building if the possibility exists of disturbing any materials that may contain asbestos.

Commercial Remodel Permit Application

Ordinary repairs are items that are considered cosmetic and don’t affect the structure of the building; i.e. floor covering, painting, new cabinets, replace light fixtures, replacing faucets, etc.  

  • Basic required information for all permits
    • Location address of repair/remodel
    • Type of work: concrete, electrical, gas, general remodel, etc.
    • Owner’s name and address
    • Contractor’s name and address
    • Total cost of project including labor & materials
  • Additional information required if pouring concrete
    • Are you replacing existing concrete , pouring new, or replacing but changing footprint?
    • If you are changing your footprint or pouring new, we will need to know the dimensions of any new covered ground that did not previously contain concrete.
  • Permit fees are available on Exhibit A: Fee Schedule.